Tips when choosing your Wedding Card

When planning a wedding, you are responsible for sending a card to your guests. Gprint recognizes this is a great responsibility, and we would be happy to help you achieve the most attractive wedding card, including all the details of your special day.

The main focus of your card is to inform your guests of all the important details of the wedding. Through the designing process, our design team will create a card that reflects you, and the theme of your wedding.

Wedding Tipswedding=card

Be sure to triple check the spelling of names, your venue address and all dates before you send the details to your vendor. Get a second pair of eyes to thoroughly check your information.

Choose beautiful yet readable font

Calligraphic font is popular on wedding cards, however make sure you choose one that is legible. You want your guests to be able to easily read the card without having to call you to confirm details.

Buy the right amount of cards

Take the time to make an accurate estimate of how many people will attend the wedding. This allows you to avoid over spending, but ensures you have enough cards and envelopes for all your guest. However, we suggest ordering a couple more than expected to factor in unexpected guests.

Have two RSVP dates

Request that a handful of cards have a later RSVP date. If a guest cannot make it, you can resort to your back-up list of guests you would like to invite without making them feel like they were second pick. Also, make sure the date is set well ahead of time to make the preparation of seating and food arrangements easier for you.


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